Handmade Greeting Cards Created

in Bagshot, Surrey

Choose from my array of bespoke greeting cards. Handmade by me, I provide a range of designs for you to pick from. Furthermore, I also provide glass bottle designs with fairy lights which are the perfect centrepiece in a room. Please do not hesitate to contact me, in Bagshot, Surrey, for additional information about my greeting cards or glass bottle designs.

Bespoke Greeting Cards

As part of my craft service, I hand-make personalised greeting cards as well as creating ones with my own design. The array of card sizes I offer includes:

  • Small Cards - £1.50
  • Medium Cards - £2.00
  • Large Cards - £2.50

Glass Bottle Designs

Uplift the interior of your property with one of my unique and stylish glass bottle designs. Ideal for a lamp or centrepiece, my glass bottles are versatile and are a perfect addition when you want to add visual appeal to the interior of your property. The sizes for my glass bottles are as follows:

  • Small Bottle - £9.50
  • Wine Bottle Size - £12

Please ask for more details if you are interested!

Contact me, in Bagshot, Surrey,

about my handmade greeting cards and glass bottle designs.

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